A five-star hotel located in the famous Old Square of Havana. Its facade, as a part of the building, was built in the early 20th century by a prominent exponent of the art nouveau influence. It has 57 rooms between minisuite and standard rooms.


Brayan Turnquest was one of the engineers who carried out the all the stages and full implementation of the Hotel Automation Project from the design and creation of the panels, development of the functional programming languages, to the implementation of the SCADA supervision system.

The SCADA system implemented allows the control and visualization of all the actuators and variables from the server, it includes Guest Rooms, Lighting system, Chillers, Air Handling Units, and Electro Energetic Data.

The Guest Room Control allows better comfort and energy saving with the use of controllers, presence sensors, windows and doors sensors, smart thermostats,  besides valves actuators and contactors.

The Lightning System provides predetermined schedules, the activation of independent circuits and centralized control for all the lights in the facility.

Air Handling Units (AHU) Control allows sequential start options according to the needs, correct operation and efficiency of it thanks to the control and visualization of the equipment sensors.

Power Meter Controllers were installed in order to track the power consumption in the building, allowing priority users to view the efficiency of the the facility through a complex Power Management System.