It is a hospital entity that is part of the National Health System in Cuba. It began its activities in 1982 and has had the purpose of offering an efficient and high-quality service. Thanks to its equipment and above all, to the work of its workers, it has earned a deserved national and international prestige.


Brayan Turnquest joined the last stage of the Automation Project contributing to his execution. He reviewed and tested all Programming Script Codes. Also prepared technical documentation for operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of systems, including Controllers and Human Machine Interfaces.

He carried out prevention tasks such as inspection of the state of the controllers of the installation, operation of the sensors and actuators distributed by the facility, as well as checking the correlation of the BMS system with the physical system installed.

He also was part of the correction of the software in charge of controlling and supervising the entire installation (SCADA), making adjustments in programming logic in charge of the air handling units (AHU).