Having a Smart Home is Amazing!

My experiences have been incredible, the vast majority of technological products and their variety of prices have allowed me to turn my house into a smart home. Its benefits are immense and here I will tell you my experiences.

When I wake up in the morning I say to my voice assistant:  «Good Morning» and it wonderfully turns on the lights by setting it to the degree of brightness I want for that time of day, tells me about the weather, the news and finally sets the TV on the channel that I like to listen to as I prepare to go to work.

Another incredible moment is when I leave my house to go to work, just by the voice command of  «I’m leaving», everything in the house goes out: the lights, the TV, the music, or any other device I want to add.

I don’t cook very often, my wife does it most of the time, but every time I do it, I like to listen to music and set a nice environment around me. Having smart devices makes my life easier, it allows me to enjoy the music I like while I’m cooking to impress my guests. Also, If I want to know about a recipe, instead of picking up the phone and search for it, I get all the information I need just by asking my assistant.

While I’m traveling or visiting friends i don’t have to worry about leaving my house alone. I can see my indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as checking all my devices at any time , for example, the state of the lights or the state of the air conditioner. Also, I can control it remotely by turning it off or on.

“ Bright lights guide you home, but warm lights keeps you inside”



Turn on a device, change the music, change the TV channel, watering your garden while you’re away, create ambient scenes for a party or to watch a movie, control your blinds without looking for control, simply by requesting it to your assistant. These assistants adjust to your desires and your tastes and your ways of life.

The voice assistants and their compatible devices allow you to save your time, in addition to having a few simple and pleasant days, surprise your friends and family, these facilitate your days, it is a good investment for your life.

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