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We are an innovative company that offers automation solutions. Our services include three fundamental branches of automation:  Home, Buildings and Industrial Automation. We are able to discover the needs of our clients and determine the appropriate tools to carry out their projects, with the best technologies and services.

“ We offer personal performances, adapting to the needs of each client ”

Our Services

«Let us improve your quality of life by saving your time on unnecessary tasks, experiencing the benefits of having a Smart House»

«Improving occupants’ comfort and reduction in energy consumption through an effective building management system (BMS)»

«Efficient control and supervision of systems, handling different processes and machinery in an industry with minimal human assistance»

  • – Home, Building and Industrial new automation systems installation.

  • – Troubleshooting and Optimal Equipment Performance.

  • – Preventative and Comprehensive Maintenance


Gate System Operators

experience highlights examples

Brayan Turnquest is currently in charge of the Building Management System (BMS) as part of Nassau Airport Development Company(NAD), carrying out the implementation of maintenance and upgrades on the airport

Brayan Turnquest was one of the engineers who carried out all the stages and full implementation of the Hotel Automation Project from the design and assembly of the panels to the implementation of the SCADA supervision system

Brayan Turnquest  reviewed and tested all Programming Script Codes. Also prepared technical documentation for operation,and maintenance of systems, including Controllers and Human Machine Interfaces

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